Troubleshooting Stop Errors

     Troubleshooting Stop errors can be very tricky. Some Stop errors may only occur when a certian action happens while others can be more random in their appearance. Stop Errors can be caused by a whide range of issues such as hardware problems, incompatable hardware, hardware driver problems, and even software have been known to cause stop errors. This article will give some pointers on what to do to troubleshoot stop errors.

Troubleshooting Stop Errors

     As mentioned earlier many different things can cause a stop error and because of that we can't provided a sure-fire list to solve your stop error but we can provide you with a list to help you troubleshoot the problem.

1: Check the Event Viewer around the time of the error. This may give you insight into what was causing the issue.
2: If possible write down the Stop Message and check it at Microsofts Knowledge Base. This knowledge base has many articles built for stop error troubleshooting.
3: Check a search engine such as Google for the stop message. Chances are you will get some page or forum response that contains information or a fix to your problem.
4: If possible try to repeat what actions you were taking when the Stop Error occured. This might give you some information on what caused the error.
5: Troubleshooting tools like MSConfig, Safe Mode, and System Restore can be very helpful in fixing or locating the cause of a Stop Error.

     Also remember that Stop Errors can be caused by bad hardware or software. Also its not uncommon to have a Stop Error happen every once in a while during the life of your computer. Unless you are constantly getting Stop Errors you generally don't need to worry about troubleshooting them.

Links to other Sites for Stop Error Troubleshooting

Microsoft Developer Network - This link is the MSDN page for Stop Errors. This contains lots of information on Stop Error codes. - This page contains information on the Stop Error codes.
PC Support - This page contains a good deal of information on various Stop Error codes.

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