Troubleshooting Software Errors

     Software errors can be tricky to troubleshoot. Each piece of software could bring up a different error or cause its own problem or even mimic other error messages. This article will cover some steps you can take to help troubleshoot software problems.

Troubleshooting Tips

1: Make sure your software is compatible with Windows. You can check this at Microsofts Compatibility Center.
2: Make sure your software applications are up to date. Many updates can fix common errors.
3: Check the software vendors knowledge base or website for the error. Many times they will have steps you can take to fix the error.
4: Check internet search engines such as Google for the error.
5: Sometimes other software can conflict with each other. Try turning off the startup items with MSConfig to see if that helps.
6: Sometimes you may need to contact the software manufacturer to solve issues. Many software vendors have technical support contacts that offer help.