Safe Mode

     Safe mode is a diagnostic mode of Windows. This lets you run Windows with only the needed components. This mode is useful when troubleshooting since many items that would normally load with Windows aren't loaded. This way you can troubleshoot to see if the core Window's components are damaged. You generally won't need to load Windows into Safe Mode unless directed by a repair technician or by following some steps located in a troubleshooting article. Please note that Safe Mode is a good mode to boot into when you are troubleshooting things like viruses and hardware drivers. Safe Mode can be a good way to troubleshoot various errors as well since only the core components are loaded.

Accessing Safe Mode

Accessing Safe Mode in Windows XP, Vista, and 7

1: Boot up your computer.
2: Press the F8 key before Windows loads.
3: From the menu that appears choose on the Safe Mode options

Accessing Safe Mode in Windows 8

Method 1

1: Open up MSConfig.
2: Click on the Boot tab.
3: Choose your Windows 8 installation if needed and then check the Safe Boot box and what Safe Boot setting you want.
4: Click the Apply and OK buttons.
5: Reboot the computer. (Note you will need to uncheck the Safe Boot option later to boot normally).

Method 2

1: Boot up your computer.
2: Hold down the Shift key and press F8 before Windows loads.
3: Click the Troubleshooting button
4: Click on the Advanced Otions button.
5: Click on the Windows Startup Settings button.
6: Click on Restart button.
7: On the Advanced Boot Options screen choose on the Safe Mode options.

Method 3

1: Open up the charms menu (press the Windows and C on the keyboard).
2: Click on the Settings button.
3: Click on Change PC Settings.
4: Click the General button.
5: Click on Restart Now underneath Advanced Startup
6: Let the pc reboot until you get to the Choose an Option screen.
7: Click on the Troubleshoot button.
8: Click on the Advanced Options button.
9: Click on the Startup Settings button.
10: Click on Restart.
11: Let the computer restart.
12: On the Startup Settings screen choose the Safe Mode option that you want.

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