Startup Options Menu

     The Startup Options Menu, also called the Boot Options Menu, is a menu where you can access various boot options for Windows. Here you can do things like run recovery tools such as System Restore or do things like start Windows into Safe Mode. This menu is helpful when you are trying to troubleshoot startup or boot options within Winodws.

Accessing the Startup Options Menu

Method 1:

1: Boot up your computer.
2: Press the F12 key on the keyboard before Windows loads.

Method 2:

1: Open the charm menu (Windows key and C key).
2: Click on Settings.
3: Click on Change PC Settings.
2: Click on Settings.
3: Click on General.
4: Click on Restart Now underneath Advanced Startup.
5: Click on the Troubleshoot button.

     The Startup Options menu will also appear if the compute is unable to boot into Windows two times in a row.

Startup Menu Options Information

Main Menu

Continue - This option will exit the menu and boot Windows normally.
Use a Device - This option allows you to boot from another device such as a DVD drive.
Use another Operating System - This option allows you to boot to another Operating System installed on your computer.
Troubleshoot - This option goes into the Troubleshooting menu.
Turn off Your PC - This option will shutdown the computer.

Troubleshoot Menu

Refresh your PC - This option will perform a reinstallation of Windows but keep your data, settings, and programs installed.
Reset your PC - This option will remove all programs, data, and settings while reinstalling Windows.
Advanced Options - This option takes you into the Advanced Options Menu.

Advanced Options Menu (aka Recovery Environment)

System Restore - This option will launch the System Restore program.
System Image Recovery - This option allows you to restore your computer from a system recovery image.
Automatic Repair - This option will run a repair tool that will attempt to fix any issues that may of caused Windows to not boot.
Command Prompt - This option will run the Command Prompt program.
Windows Startup Settings - This option will allow you to boot into Safe Mode or modify the Windows startup.

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