Bioshock Infinite review by Tyson



     I am not a huge fan of first person shooters but something really clicked with me while playing Bioshock Infinite. This game has such a unique style that I recommend anyone to check out this game.


     The year is 1912 and our playable character Booker DeWitt has been told that if he goes to the floating city of Columbia and brings back a girl named Elizabeth that his debts will be paid. I found myself always wanting to know more about the flying city of Comlumbia and its residence. The only real downside to the story was when it started to go into alternate dismensions. I felt adding this kind of plot device made the story feel a bit more confusing and complicated then it should of been. Even with the alternate reality stuff I really enjoyed how I could learn more about the game world and it's characters through audio logs and propaganda like videos you watch through kinetoscopes placed throughout the game world.

     Like many first person shooters the game is built around many action packed gun fights and Bioshock Infinite does a good job here. While you are only able to use two guns at a time there is at least lot of different pistols, shotguns, rifles, and the like littering the environment. I did like how you can also upgrade your guns or buy ammunition from various vending machines around the environment. But what makes the combat very fun in Bioshock Infinite is the use of Vigors. These are magic like abilities that you can use in combat. With Vigors you can throw fireballs, shoot out lighting from your fingers, or even posses various machines while you fight enemies throughout Columbia. The Vigors do use the similar rule of two usable at a time like the weapons but you can always change your current equiped Vigors.

     What I really found special about Bioshock Infinite was your side character Elizabeth. She can do cool things like pull in various objects using tears from alternate realities. She can bring in things like a bucket of ammuntion or a killer robot to help you fight your enemies. I always enjoyed how she is always finding extra health, money, or ammuntion for you throughout the game.


     Bioshock Infinite uses a simalr WASD setup that many first person shooters have used throughout the years. I found this game easy to control but having to use the F key as the default interact key with objects took some time to get used to as many games use the E key. Thankfully you can change the keyboard layout as needed as well.


     This games looks great even years after its release. The world of Columbia has a colorful and bright look to it at times. Character models looked fantastic. I really liked the design of characters like Elizabeth. While some textures do look a bit rough upclose but other effects like the water look fantastic and help cancel out the rough effects. I also had no framerate problems at 1080p resolution which was really nice as well.


     I liked the audio and sound effects about as much as the graphics. Weapon effects sounded great. I felt the voice acting was also done welll. I enjoyed how parts of the game's lore was told through audio logs that you found throughout the game.