Bayonetta 2 review by Tyson



     Bayonetta 2 is one of the best action games on the Wii U. I recommend this game to any Wii U owner.


     The story behind Bayonetta 2 is that Bayonetta’s friend Jeanne has had her sould kidnapped and taken to Inferno. Bayonetta is now out to travel to the sacred mountain of Fimbulventr so she can get to Inferno and save her friends soul. Along the way Bayonetta will meet some new characters and ultimately will have to save the world as well. The only problem with the story is that like the first game it can be kind of confusing at times and I really didn’t like the Loki character as well.

     The parts of the game that made the first Bayonetta so much fun are still here in Bayonetta 2. The combat hasn’t changed much but it still as much fun as the first game. You can attack with your gun, hands or feet and how you attack will decided what kind of combats you do. Like in the first game its just so much fun to finish off a combo by hitting an enemy with a giant fist or stiletto boot. You can also get a hold of a few weapons in the game as you progress through the story. My favorite has to be the dual swords. You also build up magic as you fight that can be used to perform a torture attack on your enemies or go into a umbran climax mode where your overall damage is increased. Sadly I didn’t find the torture attacks to be as awesome as they where in the previous game.

     Defensively you can dodge enemy attacks by flipping out the way and doing this correctly will put you into a witch time state where everything around you slows down. This helps a lot when trying to damage enemies as much as possible. I did like how you can also purchase an ability that turns you into a bunch of bats that can help you avoid damage as well.

     Bayonetta 2 keeps the currency system that the previous game had. As you kill enemies or destroy various objects around the environment you will collect halos. These halos can be turned in at a shop where you can buy new combat abilities, costumes, or upgrades for Bayonetta. Many of the abilities and upgrades that you can buy are the same ones from the previous game which is a bit disappointing.

     Outside the of combat you will explore around various areas. Though unlike the first game you get to go to much more varied areas and I really liked that. Going down into Inferno was pretty awesome. Also there is a lot of cool set pieces like fighting ontop of stealth bombers or surfing on this giant door while you are attacking this giant snake like boss. As you explore you can stumble across treasure chests that can give you goodies like more halos or items pieces that can upgrade Bayonetta’s health or magic. There is also challenge areas hidden around the world that will test you combat skills. Completing these can reward you with items pieces that can upgrade your health or magic.


     Bayonetta 2 supports different controller setups. You can use the Wii U gamepad to play using a normal analog stick and button setup or use its touch screen features to play the game that way. You can also use the pro controllers as well. I did notice that playing with the Wii U gamepad that my thumbs would hurt a bit after playing a while.


     I think that Bayonetta 2 is probably one of the best looking games on the Wii U. The game runs with a very smooth framerate with tons of action and effects going on. I felt that Bayonetta had a really good design in this game. I liked her short hair and new outfit setup.


     I enjoyed the audio aspects of Bayonetta 2 as well. The background music was great and for the most part I loved the various voice actor and actresses work in the game. Bayonetta’s voice in particular sounded excellent to me.