Dr. Mario Online RX review by Kami



     Dr. Mario is one of my all time favorite games, and I’m super super happy that they released it on the Wii! This game is a classic, and they held true to the Dr. Mario game for the Wii version. I love this game! I am also very addicted…have been since the NES.


     This is a classic Dr. Mario game. Throw the pills, stack 4, and kill viruses. It’s as addicting as Tetris.

     There are 4 different ways you can play the game:

     You can play with a friend and battle it out. I wish it would show your winning streak, cause I enjoy seeing how much I’m winning; However, I am satisfied with watching the opponents Mii look all sad after they’ve been beaten.

     You can, of course, play by yourself and see which level you can make it to. Guess what? The levels don’t stop at 20. I haven’t found an end to the game yet, but I’ve only played to lvl 40. I usually run out of time or something and have to stop, but one of these days, I’ll just sit and play until the end!

     You can go online and duke it out with people from around the globe. You start out with 4000 points or something and gain points by winning and lose points by losing. Trust me, there are some crazy people out there that kick trash!! I get my butt handed to me all the time, and I consider myself a pretty good Dr. Mario person.

     You can play with 4 people, but it’s weird. It isn’t classic Dr. Mario anymore. The game objective is the same, but you work together to kill viruses. You grab the pills, yes grab, and place them where you want. I would have preferred competing against each other. I think it would have been more fun and added more game value.


     You only need the Wii Remote for this game. You hold it sideways and play like an old school Nintendo controller, but for the 4 player thingy, you hold it normal and point and click at the screen.

     I think the controls are super easy to figure out, and there really isn’t any need for explanation, especially if you’re a Dr. Mario veteran.


     Graphics are everything you remember from all the other Dr. Marios (is it Marios or Marioes?), same colors, same Mario, but just a little updated. The menus look nice and fun, and they are easy to use and figure out. You get to use your Mii for some of the stuff, and your Mii has a doctor coat like Mario. Woo!


     I love the music from this game. You get to choose your favorite song while you play, or you can put it on random and be surprised. If you’re boring, you can turn the music off, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that. My favorite is Chill.

     You also get all the classic noises that come along with the game. Like the little warning noise that tells you your opponent is sending you junk, or the siren that goes off when you are too close the top.

     I wish Mario would say something in the game, like “good job,” “way to go,” or something to indicate that he is alive.