Super Mario Odyssey review by Tyson



     I think that it is safe to say that Mario games have been the benchmark games for their varying genres. Super Mario Bros. defined the 2D platforming genre while Super Mario 64 defined how a 3D platformer should be made. Super Mario Odyssey has now redefined the standard for 3D platforming games. While it does have some flaws it also has a level of polish that very few if any other video game developer can match.


     It feels like it wouldn't be a Super Mario game if Bowser hasn't kidnapped Princess Peach and for good and bad Super Mario Odyssey keeps this story setting but also adds in a twist. Bowser has not only kidnapped Peach but he is also forcing her to marry him. In order to beat Bowser our hero Mario will need to team up with a ghost like hat creature named Cappy. These two will set out on an epic adventure to defeat Bowser. Honestly I was a bit disappointed with some aspects of the games story. I would of loved a new story angle that allowed characters like Princess Peach playable. If games like Super Mario 3D World can do it then why couldn't this game. I also think that the kidnapping angle has gotten a bit boring as well.

     Just about every 3D Mario game has focused Mario around collecting a various object. Super Mario Odyssey has us collecting Power Moons. These Power Moons are used to power this hat shaped ship that moves you to each of the games kingdoms. Collecting these Power Moons for the most part is a lot of fun. Each of the games kingdoms are jammed packed with Power Moons. You will be butt stomping hills, collecting musical notes, smashing crates, and solving lots of environmental puzzles to collect Power Moons. Sadly each of the games kingdom does have a Power Moon or two that aren't all that fun to collect. Having to do 100 jump rope jumps without messing up wasn't a lot of fun for me. Still these one or two Power Moons per kingdom will get overshadowed by so much fun you will have getting all the other Power Moons. The 2D platforming sections in each kingdom for example are tons of fun and feel very unique to play.

     Mario's new partner Cappy also adds in a very unique and fun gameplay element to Super Mario Odyssey. Cappy will act as Mario's hat and you can use Cappy for various activities in the game. By throwing Cappy you can collect far to reach coins, attack enemies, or use him as a platform to make jump across a long gap. But the best feature is that you can throw Cappy at various creatures or objects to take control over them. This gives Mario several new abilities depending on what you have taken over and many of these will be used to help you gather many of the games Power Moons. I found this hat mechanic to be so much fun.

     If there is one frustrating aspect of Super Mario Odyssey it is that several Power Moons in each of the game's kingdoms cant be acquired until you beat the game. Spending an hour trying to find where say Power Moon #24 is in a kingdom and to find out that I can only get this Power Moon after I beat the game is frustrating. I also found the games outfit aspect to be disappointing as well. Throughout the game you can change Mario outfit but this does almost nothing. Each world may have a Power Moon or two that can only access by wearing a certain outfit which is nice but these outfits also don't add any new abilities or functions for Mario is a bit disappointing.

     The past several Mario games have done well with their post game content and Super Mario Odyssey does not disappoint here. About a dozen or so Power Moons will be added to each kingdom plus several new kingdoms can be accessed once you collect enough Power Moons. I am just amazed at the sheer amount of content in this game and the fact that all this extra content isn't some paid microtransaction content is just amazing.


     For the most part I really enjoyed the control here. I liked how you can play the game with several different control setups and these setups control very well. The main issues I had is where the same buttons pressed in a different order will perform a different move. There were times where I wanted to long jump but back flipped instead. Also there are a few moves in the game that can only be activated by motion controls and I did not like that.


     Mario games have always been good looking games and this game is no exception. The graphics are very colorful. The game for the most part runs at a solid frame rate but will dip in a few areas. A few graphical effects like the mesh effect when an object starts to go transparent look weird for me. Still other effects like Mario puffing out his cheeks while underwater really amazed me.


     The music in this game is pure awesomeness. I loved the Jump Up, Super Star! song so much. Each of the games kingdoms has a nice soundtrack to them. The various sound effects are great as well. It is always fun and adorable to hear Mario yell out something like Woo hoo when he jumps.