Killer Instinct review by Tyson



     The SNES port of Killer Instinct is far from the Arcade version but it still is a very fun game to play.


     I found Killer Instinct to be a unique fighting game. While the base fighting system is very similar to games like Street Fighter 2 or Mortal Kombat though what makes Killer Instinct so unique is the games combo system. While a game like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat might have 5 or so hit combos Killer Instinct has you pulling off 12, 20, or 30 hit combos. While having combos this high might sound unbalanced Killer Instinct does a good job at balancing them out with combo breaker moves. A combo breaker will allow you to break out of your opponent’s combo but also deal a bit of damage to them also.

     I really enjoyed the character selection in this game. I found many characters to be unique. For example you have your kinky spy lady B. Orchid, Cinder who is an inmate engulfed in flames, the werewolf Saberwulf, and various others. I really enjoyed how each character played different and had their unique look to them.

     In the end I found Killer Instinct to be a fun fighting game. It is definitely up there with some of my other favorite fighting games.


     I came away liking how the control felt in this game. The control feels very similar to games like Street Fighter 2.


     Sadly the SNES port is no where near the quality of the arcade version. I did find it though to be a good looking SNES game. The characters seem to animate well and everyone has a unique look to them. The game also holds a decent frame rate at all times which is good too.


     I also enjoyed the music of the game. I enjoyed the theme song and I liked how each character had various getting hit and attacking voices.