F-Zero review by Tyson



     F-Zero is one of the best games to show case the Super Nintendo console. The fast paced gameplay is enchaned by its great graphics and excellent audio. This is a game that I would recommend to any Super Nintendo owner out there.


     Racing games have always been defined by how well they recreate the sport. If I was living in a futuristic hovercraft world I think that they would function much like they do in F-Zero. Each of the 4 hovercrafts have their own feel and sense of speed to them. The games physics also seem to function how I would expect a futuristic hovercraft to perform. Bumping into other racers or the barriers of the track just feel right.

     I found the track design in F-Zero to also be very well designed. Most tracks have a unique feel or gimmick to them while a few, such as the Mute City tracks, are just variations of each other. What I enjoyed the most out of the track design was the crazy stuff like 90 degree turns or having objects on the track that could effect your hovercraft.


     I found the control setup to be well designed for F-Zero. Having the B Button to accelerate and using the D-Pad and L and R buttons for turning. Each hovercraft also had its own sense of slippiness when turning.


     F-Zero is one of those games that leaves a impression on you. I enjoyed the look of each hovercraft and the little touchs like seeing the front or side of the hovercraft. The framerate is also super smooth and fast which helps with the games futuristic look and feel. I really have no complaints about the graphics here.


     Much like the graphics I have no complaints with the audio side of things. I found a lot of the soundtrack to be catchy and enjoyable to listen to. I also liked the whizzing sound effect that plays when you speed by another hovercraft on the track.