Super Mario Bros. review by Tyson



     I would recommended buying Super Mario Bros. It is a true showcase of the NES power and even worth it to buy an NES over.


     The Princess has been kidnapped by Bowser and it is up to the Mario Bros. to rescue her. While this is a basic story it does it job of pushing the player throughout the game. The real star of the game though is the superb level design. Each of the games 32 levels are well designed and try to offer a different challenge as you go along. I really enjoyed how each stage got a bit tougher with the jumps, platform mechanics, and how more enemies were introduced as you got farther in the game. It really gave new worlds something to look forward to.

     To help you progress through the game you are introduced to several power ups. The Super Mushroom makes you bigger and allows you break bricks while the Fire Flower lets you shoot fireballs from your hands. These fireballs can be used to kill enemies. There is also a star you can collect that will give you a short term invicibiilty and you can just run into enemies and kill them with this. I liked each of the power-ups and they really made the game feel unique.


     You know a games control is good when you cant blame problems on it and this is how I feel about Super Mario Bros. Each time I missed a jump or got hit I never felt like it was because the control was never responsive enough. Everything felt perfect and responded when ever I pressed the button.


     I find Super Mario Bros to have well designed graphics. The animations of Mario and the various enemies are well done. Each world tries to have its own look as well. I also really enjoyed the little touches on the graphics like the little arms on the bullet bill enemies.


     Like the games graphics, I came away really impressed with the sound. The background music that the game uses is very hummable and I really enjoyed all the little sound effects like when you squish a goomba or go into a pipe.