Paperboy review by Tyson



     Paperboy is a game with some unique concepts that give this game a rental rating. It's worth to check the game out to experience its gameplay but its not really worth keeping once you have experienced it.


     Paperboy has a pretty unique story for a video game. You play as a paperboy and its your job to deliver newspapers to your customers throughout the week. The gameplay though isnt as interesting as the story is though. You end up just moving up the street throwing newspapers and trying to get them into doorways or mailboxes of your current customers. You will also be avoiding various people, dogs, and other objects while delivering newspapers. Getting hit by something will cost you to lose a life and once you are out of lifes or if you run out of customers then its game over.

     What is probably the most enjoyable and unique aspect of the game is its descrutible environments. You can break windows, destroy bushes, knock down yard decoratoins, and even knock over trash cans by hitting them with your newspapers. Destroying various things kept me playing the game longer then I would of as well. This is definitely the best aspect of the game and why its worth a rental.


     Paperboy uses the tried and true NES controller setup. The Directional Pad will move your character and adjust your movement speed while you throw papers with the A and B buttons. I came away with no real issues with the control.


     I am kind of torn here on the graphics. On one hand your character and the various objets in the enivronment look good but then on the other hand you see way to much of the same stuff over and over again. There are only a few house designs and you will see that same skateboarding kid over and over again in a level. Sadly I didn't feel like the game was doing anything to push the power of the NES as well.


     I feel that the audio is in the same field as a graphics. The background music is okay but nothing fantastic. The various descrutible environment sound effects are really good though. I loved the sound effects of breaking windows or knocking down trash cans.