Kung Fu review by Tyson



     I spent a good deal of time debating what I would give this game. In the end though I am giving this game a Pass rating. The game is over way to quick to suggest a Rental rating and just it needs more then just replaying for a high score.


     Kung Fu has a very simple story. Your girlfriend Sylvia has been kidnapped by Mister X and its up to you to fight through wave after wave of enemies to get her back. Sadly I wasn't really taken by the story since so many games are using this simplistic story line.

     Gameplaywise Kung Fu is pretty simple as well. You either move left or right and attack anything that comes your way. You use a combonation of punches and kicks to take down enemies. Most enemies will take one hit but a few will be multi hitters. Each stage boss will also take a few hits to take down as well but most of them can be cheesed by doing downward kicks.

     Sadly the game is pretty short with only 5 levels and there are no powerups as well. There are no ways to regain health and some enemies can take a lot of your life away if they hit you. Bosses also can take huge portions of your life away per hit as well. Also when you beat Stage 5 you end up going back to Stage 1. Sadly the game really has no depth besides just getting a high score.


     The control is the part of the game that I really had no problems with. It seemed to respond well and it was easy to use. THe directional pad walks while the A and B are for your attacks. You can do jumping and ducking attacks as well.


     I came away not to impressed with Kung Fu's graphics. Sure the characters look nice but you see the same looking enemies throughout the game and each stage pretty much looks the same.


     I am sort of mixed with the audio department here. I found that the hits sounded nice and the theme jingle was good but everything else didn't move me. The background music was okay but nothing rememberable.