Donkey Kong Classics review by Tyson



     I am going to put this game into the rent pile. It's fun to go through the stages atleast one or two times but just going through both games over and over again for a high score isn't my thing. Sadly its also a game where you can see everything it has to offer in such a short amount of time.


     Donkey Kong Classics is a game that includes both Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong JR in one cart. Each game though plays similar to each other. Both games have a similar story as well. In Donkey Kong Mario is saving Pauline while in Donkey Kong Jr has Jr saving Donkey Kong. The gameplay is very similar as well. You either play as Mario in Donkey Kong or Donkey Kong Jr in Donkey Kong Jr and your objective is to go through several stages while avoiding enemies or other obstacles. Each game has your repeating the levels once you have completed them all so there really isn't an ending per say. The main reason to play these games is to see what kind of a high scroe you can get. Sadly I came away somewhat disappointed since you can see everything both games have to offer in less then 30 minutes. I will admit I had some fun with the game but I really wish there was more stages or some other reason to keep playing besides a high score.


     I have no complaints with the control. Both of the games controlled well and moving the characters around was easy. I liked the simple move and jump control scheme as well.


     I feel that both games have average graphics. I understand that this is due to them being ports of the older arcade games but I really wish that they could of done something to use the power of the NES.


     Again I feel that the music is okay but nothing to write home about. There is some good jingles here and there but I feel that they could of done something more to use the power of the NES.